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Key Pages: Start here for the most important information on environmental papers.
Trees - Just how many trees does it take to make a ton of paper? Find the answers to this and other tree statistics.
Main statistics page
Tree Free Papers - What is the story with tree free papers?
What can you do to promote environmental papers?
Does recycled paper work in copiers? Check out the Paper Listening Study - Recycled Content Issues.
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How to read a ream wrapper

General Information
Learn More - Index to informational pages
Definitions of environmental qualities
Glossary of industry terms
Labeling information - What do those symbols mean?

Myths and Misconceptions
Myths - things you thought you knew about environmental papers
Think that recycled paper is a done deal? Think again.

Small-Scale Consumers
Home page for general public
Paper List - Public list main page
How to read a ream wrapper - Guide to understanding the information on ream wrappers.
Take Action - Information on what you can do right now.
Mailer Card - A printable card to send back with your bills.
24 hours of paper use - A short story about all the places we encounter paper in our day to day lives.
Pocket Journal - Printable journal to keep track of how you use paper.
Pocket Guide to Paper - Printable pocket guide with information on copy/office paper and tissue products.

Essential Issues: Our Green Paper covering environmental paper basics and essentials
What's Going On?
Making Paper - Content
Making Paper - Production
Buyers: Consumers Are Key

Why do some recycled papers cost more?

Choosing Paper
Overview of Choosing Paper
Paper Guide Overview

Small Quantity Vendors
Company Profiles
Choose the Right Paper For Projects
Which Environmental Characteristic Is Best
Note to Suppliers

Source Reduction
Source Reduction Through Purchasing Power
Tips for Paper
Tips for Nonpaper Products
Tips for Packaging
Tips for Source Reduction Practices

Papermaking Overview
History of Papermaking

Paper Industry
Distribution Channels - How is paper sold?

Recycled Content
Deinking Capacity Study - Capacity is not what's holding back recycled paper development - lack of demand is
Recycled Paper Brochure Read our brochure on recycled paper

Single Stream Recycling
Single Stream - Our 2007 groundbreaking research on single stream recycling
Single Stream Roundtable - Information from our 2005 roundtable on single stream in Sacramento, CA

Paper Listening Study - Hear the multiple viewpoints and controversies surrounding environmental paper.
Using recycled paper in copy machines
Discussions about tree free paper issues
Sustainable forest fiber issues

Forest Information
FSC Standards - Info on the Forest Stewardship Council standards.
FSC chain of custody standard (pdf)
FSC Briefing - Recycled wood and fibre products (pdf)
Sustainable forest fiber issues

Tree-Free Paper
The World of Tree Free Paper

List of Papers
Profile - Tom Rymsza, Vision Paper
Disscusions about tree free paper issues

Chlorine Free Paper
Chlorine Free Processing

The Environmental Paper Network
Common Vision

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Take Action - Information on what you can do right now


Single Stream - Index page for our Single Stream Best Practices Manual
FSC chain of custody standard (pdf)
FSC Briefing - Recycled wood and fibre products (pdf)
Using recycled paper in copy machines
Discusions about tree free paper issues
Sustainable forest fiber issues
Deinking Capacity Study
Recycled Paper Brochure
How Green Is Your Photo Paper?

Main Statistics Page
Industry Statistics (2000)
Tree Usage Statistics
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About Us - History, Projects, and Funding
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