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Recycled Paper and Office Machines

Does recycled paper perform competitively in office machines? That is the question we asked paper buyers, paper users, copier and office printer equipment manufacturers, copier service technicians, environmental groups, and technical experts. The answers are surprising.

You can download the PDF of the full report or read our webpages here.

Executive Summary - A good overview of the comments

End-Users - What do paper buyers and office workers have to say about using recycled paper in copiers and office printers?

Environmental Groups/Recycled Paper Advocates - What do environmentalists say who have studied paper issues in-depth?

Copier Equipment Manufacturers - We asked them if people's concerns are warranted. Their answers are mythbusters.

Copier Equipment Experts - There are some "super-copier-users" such as Kinko's (now FedExKinko's), which uses recycled paper in all its copiers, and Buyers Laboratory, which tests copiers for the equipment manufacturers and major corporations. If recycled paper causes problems in copiers, these people will be the first to know it.

Copier Paper Manufacturers - We asked them the questions that came up again and again. They gave us fascinating insights into the complexities of making copy paper.

Copier Service Technicians - The technicians who come into offices to maintain and repair copier machines have a big impact on people's assessment of recycled paper.

Recycled Paper Listings - Where can you find out what recycled paper are available and where to get them?

Bibliography - Resources and source listings


Darby Hoover, Recycled Paper Coalition (now at NRDC)
for organizing and conducting most of these interviews,
but especially for designing a most accessible format

Jodi Cahillane, Recycled Paper Coalition
for interviewing the copier service technicians

Brian Herdeg
for terrific website assistance


Study first published June 11, 2003

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