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Recycled Paper Listings

In addition to each paper manufacturer's and distributor's website, there are a number of national sources for listings of recycled copy and office paper options. Many state and local governments also include regional listings on their websites.

Conservatree's Environmentally Sound Paper Listings - Lists printing and writing papers available in North America (including imports), along with environmental attributes that have been verified by mill personnel

California Integrated Waste Management Board Recycled-Content Product Database - Search using the "CIWMB Standard Product Categories." Results may not be complete if you use other terminology. Listings are a mix of manufacturers and distributors, some national, others local to specific regions of the country. The list is North America-wide, not only California.

Green Seal's Choose Green Report: Copy Paper - link to PDF in the middle of the page at the following URL

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - The categorizations on EPA's list are very general, some of the listings are extremely outdated, and the state sorts are incomplete and inadequate. Use the general (non-state) sort and then check for those papers with local suppliers.

U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) - Lists brand name copy papers that have been tested by the GPO and were determined to be in compliance with the requirements of the JCP O-65 paper standard

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