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Environmental Paper Sources

How do you find environmental papers? Conservatree does not sell paper, we only provide as much information as possible on what choices are available and where to get them. Here is a guide for how to use our website to quickly find out about environmental paper sources.


If you're buying in large amounts (a pallet - 40 cases - or more), find the paper you want in Conservatree's ENVIRONMENTAL PAPER LISTING. (Macs using Internet Explorer link here instead.) Next to each brand name, the manufacturing mill is listed. Look up the contact information for that mill, using the MILL CONTACTS tab at the top of the paper listing page. This will tell you how to contact the mill's customer service representatives. Since brands are distributed through different merchants and sources in different parts of the country, there is usually no one source we can list, other than the mill. The mill generally sells only through merchants, but they will be able to tell you who carries that paper in your area.


Even if you're buying in smaller amounts (reams or cases), the ENVIRONMENTAL PAPER LISTING (Macs using Internet Explorer link here instead) will tell you what brands to look for in your local stores, online, or on our SMALL QUANTITY VENDORS list.


Find out about some of the most forward-thinking and committed environmental paper companies, and the people behind them, in our PROFILES, including Treecycle, Greenline Paper, Dolphin Blue, and Greg Barber Company.

The RECYCLED PRODUCTS PURCHASING COOPERATIVE, a project of the nonprofit Solana Center for Environmental Innovation, provides copy paper (30% postconsumer and 100% postconsumer) at prices that meet or beat virgin copy paper prices for most purchasers who buy a pallet (40 cases) or more. Co-op membership is free.

NEW LEAF PAPER COMPANY collaborates with paper mills to develop a broad selection of the most environmentally sound papers available. They sell nationally, with a special emphasis on service, and handle sales as small as $250 and as large as $500,000 and higher.


KINKO'S stocks their self-serve copiers with recycled paper. Most Kinko's also stock a Green Machine copier featuring copy paper that is 100% postconsumer, processed chlorine free. Kinko's announced in March 2003 a new Sustainable Forest-Based Products Policy, developed in consultation with Rainforest Action Network (RAN). The policy promises to provide more and higher-content recycled papers, no use of old growth or endangered forest fibers, stock papers that are processed chlorine free, increase use of tree free papers, support source reduction such as double-sided copies, and work with suppliers to ensure that they also verify their sources and follow Kinko's guidelines.

STAPLES announced in November 2002 its commitment to phase out paper products from endangered forests and dramatically increase its sale of recycled paper, thanks to a campaign led by ForestEthics and Dogwood Alliance, with help from lots of other environmental groups around the country.

OFFICE DEPOT now carries its "Green Top" house brand of recycled paper with 35% postconsumer content at very competitive prices with many virgin copy papers. We've seen specials where it's sold at the same price as their house brand "red top" virgin copy paper.

A number of other office products suppliers - stores, catalogs, online, and B2B - are also offering recycled papers, as well.

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