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Recycled Paper

Recycled paper today is high quality, meeting the same demanding technical specifications as virgin paper.

See the Recycled Paper Brochure for a comprehensive discussion about recycled paper, including the reality about common myths. Written by Conservatree for the Recycled Paper Coalition, and published by the Buy Recycled Business Alliance of the National Recycling Coalition, you can read it online or download it in PDF format. You may also distribute it, as long as you maintain the integrity of the text and the attributions.

Some major purchasers have expressed concern that their switch to recycled paper could overwhelm the markets. We interviewed the managers of all the mills producing recycled pulp for printing and office papers. Every one of them made it clear that capacity is not what's holding back recycled paper market develop - the problem is lack of demand. Read our article on Recycled Paper Capacity - and switch to recycled paper!

Specifying the definitions for the terms you use is critical to getting what you expect in an environmental paper. Others may understand the terms differently, so being absolutely clear about what you mean, especially in bids and contracts, is essential. The Recycled Paper Definitions presented on this website are based on definitions developed by Markets for Recycled Products and Susan Kinsella & Associates for the Alameda County (California) Source Reduction and Recycling Board and are compatible with all federal, state and local definitions that we know of. They were written with particular attention to avoiding the confusions and definition problems that have arisen in many legislative and policy situations.

Just how far has recycled paper come? Check out the State of the Recycled Paper World.

There are lots of concerns and questions about using recycled paper in copiers. People often believe the widespread myths suggesting that recycled papers jam or create excessive dust in copiers. Learn the truth about Using Recycled Paper In Copiers.

Got more questions? Explode the Myths. Read our Frequently Asked Questions.

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