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Recycled Paper: Copiers

Some of the most pervasive myths about recycled paper have to do with its use in copiers. Many people insist it jams more, damages machines, and voids warranties. But Conservatree has interviewed representatives from every manufacturer that sells copiers in the United States and, without exception, all tell us,

There is no problem with running recycled paper in copiers. All that is required is good quality paper. It doesn't matter whether that paper is virgin or recycled. In fact, some of the most popular copiers are made to engineering specifications that require the machines to perform satisfactorily with recycled paper. No company voids its warranty if recycled paper is used.

So why do so many people still insist that recycled paper cannot be used in copiers? Many of the concerns seem to stem from misinformation, outdated experience, and misunderstanding of how paper is made. In fact, today's recycled paper is made by the best paper companies in the world and these companies stand behind their products. Recycled papers have been tested in copiers repeatedly, both formally and informally, and shown to be equal in quality to virgin papers - and sometimes better.

If you are concerned about using recycled paper in your copier, want to convince your office or school to switch to recycled, or have been told by a service technician that your copier's problems are because of recycled paper, here are resources to combat the myths.

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Case Study: How To Convert An Office To Recycled Copier Paper

Choices of Recycled Content Copier Papers (Most are available from local office products retail outlets. You can also check with the manufacturing mill - link from "Mill Contacts" at the top of the Paper List page - for local distributors in your area.)

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