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In answering questions, please:

  • Identify which question you are answering,

  • The more information you can give us about it, the better. (E.g., if you're describing experiences with recycled paper jamming in copiers, let us know when this happened, what brand of paper if possible, what kind of copier and how old, why you believe recycled paper is responsible for the problem rather than another cause.)

  • We greatly appreciate any direction you can give us to research, tests, articles, websites, or other data about the question. Please be sure to include information on whom to contact or how to find the data.

  • Let us know who you are in some way:

    Best for us is if you identify yourself and your company/organization and give us contact information so we can ask you for more information, if necessary, and so that we know which sector of the industry your experience comes from (printing, manufacturing, corporate purchasing, environmental group, etc.). Let us know if we can include identifying information for your experience or viewpoint in our reports,


    Give us identifying information, but tell us you do not want to be identified in reports. It is most helpful for us to know the sources for the responses we get, but we do not need to publish that in reports, if you prefer that we don't,


    Send us an anonymous response, but please tell us what part of the industry or issue your experience comes from (printing, manufacturing, forestry, what type of purchasing, recycling, enviornmental group, etc.). While it is most helpful for us to have identification for each response, we are more interested in representing every view. If you don't want to be identified,we still want to hear from you.

    See FAQs for more discussion of confidentiality.

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