Chlorine Free Paper Issues


Chlorine Free Paper Issues

The following questions (#28-39 in the Study) are intended to be addressed by this section of the Listening Study. If new questions or discussions arise that relate to bleaching and chlorine processing issues, they are welcome here.

28. How many North American paper manufacturers and pulp suppliers use each type of bleaching process: chlorine gas, ECF, TCF, PCF

29. Are most chlorine free papers imported and, if so, why?

30. What are the environmental and health problems caused by chlorine?

31. What are the disagreements around the meanings of the ECF/TCF/PCF terms?

32. What are the environmental comparisons between ECF and TCF processes?

33. Are there explanatory circumstances for the differences cited?

34. Is any version of ECF technology comparable to TCF in minimizing or eliminating chlorine pollution?

35. Are any differences between the best ECF technology and TCF technology significant?

36. Does finished paper carry residual chlorine? If so, is it a health or environmental problem?

37. Which types of purchasers are most concerned with increasing chlorine free papers (e.g. medical, health, water, religious)?

38. Are there performance, quality or price differences for chlorine free papers vs. others?

39. Is chlorine free virgin paper a good environmental alternative, or should chlorine free always be combined with other environmental characteristics?

A report of current responses is being prepared, but there are many more needed.

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